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Basic Information on the Research Activities at the Institute of Library Science

Main Research Fields

The research activitities at the institute of library science are primarily focused on:

  • the information-theoretical approach on library science
  • bibliometrics/informetrics/scientometrics;
  • distance learning in library education
  • research on the usage of libraries and information centers
  • research and development of documentstructures (SGML, XML, etc.);
  • development of intelligent retrieval-systems

There had to be a concentration on certain research fields due to the massive staff reduction at our institute as a consequence of the drastic general economy measures at the Humboldt University during the last years.

The foreseeable tendencies at the library/information/documentation/archive-field make the core topic "Digital Library" appear as the most promising for the future.

The Institute of Library Science plans an close cooperation and coordination with diverse areas within and outside of the university, which are related to information processing, knowledge management and archiving based on digital media.

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There are several textbooks and monographs written at the institute with the aim of establishing a new library science. Those are i.e.:

  • Ewert, G.; Umstätter, W.: Lehrbuch der Bibliotheksverwaltung. - Stuttgart: Hiersemann, 1997.
  • Plassmann, E.; Seefeldt, J.: Das Bibliothekswesen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. - Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 1999
  • Umlauf, K.: Bestandsaufbau an Öffentlichen Bibliotheken. - Frankfurt a. M.: Klostermann, 1997
  • Umlauf, K.: Moderne Buchkunde. - Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 1. Aufl. 1996
  • Umlauf, K. (Hrsg.): Politik für Öffentliche Bibliotheken - Bad Honnef: Bock+Herchen, 1998
  • Umlauf, K.: Medienkunde. Unter Mitarbeit von Daniella Sarnowski. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz 2000.
  • Hauke, Petra (Hrsg.) Bibliothekswissenschaft - quo vadis? : eine Disziplin zwischen Traditionen und Visionen: Programme, Modelle, Forschungsaufgaben. München : Saur, 2005
  • Umstätter, Walther; Wagner-Döbler, Roland: Einführung in die Katalogkunde : vom Zettelkatalog zur Suchmaschine. Stuttgart : Hiersemann, 2005

The institute further publishes its series: Veröffentlichungen des Instituts für Bibliothekswissenschaft.
Titles are i.e.:

  • Bibliotheken in Berlin und Brandenburg/Projektleitung D. Skalski. - Berlin: Institut für Bibliothekswissenschaft der HUB, 1995. - 779 S. (auch als CD erschienen)
  • Durek, E.; Skalski, D.: Bibliotheken in Berlin und Brandenburg: Fachführer Wirtschaftswissenschaften. - 1996, 75 S.
  • Rosenkranz, A.; Skalski, D.: Bibliotheken in Berlin und Brandenburg: Fachführer Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaften. - 1996, 106 S.
  • Hecker, M.; Bank, M.; Skalski, D.: Bibliotheken in Berlin und Brandenburg: Fachführer Parlaments- und Behördenbibliotheken. - 1998, 226 S.
    Some databases can be accessed online.

other series published by the Institute of Library Science are:

Those publications has to be seen in close connection to the "Digital Textbook of Library Science" which is planned to developed in cooperation with library experts from outside the institute. Its aim is to support the distance learning programs on one hand and to help direct students to optimize there studies on the other.

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Student Research

The Institute of Library Science strongly supports the integration of students in research activities. The most common way is to give out corresponding topics for magister papers or dissertations.

Some of the past works were:

  • Meta-OPAC Berlin-Brandenburg
  • Shoptalk - a Library-Information-Documentation oriented search engine
  • Simone Fühles-Ubach: Analysen zur Unschärfe in Datenbank- und   Retrievalsystemen   - unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Redundanz (fulltext)
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